Fallen Stock Collections

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F.M Cain & Sons

Approved by DEFRA

Approved collector of NFSCo

Member of LASSA

A Trusted Name

F M Caine & Sons was established just after the First World War by our great-great-grandfather, Michael Caine, who began collecting casualty animals from local farms in 1919.

A family-run firm in Knighton, Powys, ever since, the business changed its name with the death of our great-grandfather in 1962 to become F M Caine & Sons Ltd. And since October 2009 we’ve been M J Caine & Sons Ltd, still trading under the name of F M Caine & Sons, still a family business, still quickly and efficiently collecting and disposing of fallen stock for local famers and livestock owners.

But while our history as a tried and trusted company streteches back over 90 years, our computerised lorry tracking system and new Online Stock History service mean that we’re very much in tune with our customers today.

You can find about more about how we can help you on our Services page, or to register for your FREE Online Account and our Online Stock History service, just click here.