Fallen Stock Collections

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F.M Cain & Sons

Approved by DEFRA

Approved collector of NFSCo

Member of LASSA

Tailored Services

Our range of services is the most complete and comprehensive in the area, tailored to your requirements, as and when you need. Here’s what you’ll get from F M Caine:

  • Convenient collection and disposal. Drop fallen stock off at our main site or have it collected for regular disposal or when one-off losses occur.

  • Equipment you can be sure will do the job. Whether you need a tipper lorry, or 240L–770L bins for poultry or stock lost at lambing, dolav boxes, our equipment will come to you clean, disinfected and ready to do its job.
  • Quality people you can rely on. Our staff are highly trained and experienced. We can provide certificated slaughtermen, fully trained riflemen and drivers with knowledge of the area.
  • TSE Sampling. We can collect, sample and dispose of your over-48 months cattle, so you meet all legal obligations. We can even deal with authorities on your behalf.
  • A collector that’s approved by the National Fallen Stock Company (NFSCo). We’re able to collect and dispose of all types of fallen stock, so you don’t have to wonder if we can do the job … we can.
  • Handling animals born pre-August 1996. We can euthanase and dispose of these animals, which now cannot legally be used for human consumption.
  • A FREE online account. Register for an account, which includes an online booking collection service, and you’ll save yourself time and paperwork.
  • FREE Online Stock History. Our new online services mean that it’s never been easier to check your past collections using our Online Stock History the phone to book collections, check past records or find the information you need, just call us on 01547 528654.