Fallen Stock Collections

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F.M Cain & Sons

Approved by DEFRA

Approved collector of NFSCo

Member of LASSA

The F M Caine Difference

Here are 9 good reasons to call F M Caine:

  1. Speed – By using computerised tracking to manage our fleet of lorries, we make sure that the most appropropriate vehicle gets to you fast, often on the same day.
  2. Safety – We take health and safety seriously, which is why we only use sealed lorries that won’t leak to spread infection and disease between farms, with all lorries sprayed and disinfected before they reach you.
  3. Comprehensive service – Whether it’s livestock, equine or poultry, we collect and dispose of all forms of fallen stock.
  4. A tailored service – Our wide range of services means that you can be sure we have the most appropriate equipment, vehicles and collection containers, whatever job needs doing.
  5. Less paperwork – Our new Online Stock History will automatically record all the important details of your fallen stock and keep them securely on our computer database, so you’ll have one less thing to manage. No need for you to keep any paperwork.
  6. Convenience – Our new updated website means that you won’t have to wait for office hours to book a collection. You’ll be able to do it any time and at your convenience.
  7. Trained slaughtermen – With our trained slaughtermen and riflemen we can offer you not just collection, but a full and complete emergency casualty service, whatever the circumstances.
  8. Better legal compliance – When you use our services you can be sure that you’re meeting all relevant legislation and avoiding potential human and animal health and safety issues that can arise from burying or burning dead livestock, poultry and other commercial or large animals on your land.
  9. Price competitive – Through efficient ways of working, the use of the latest technology, and by skinning and processing animals ourselves, we keep costs down and pass those savings back to you. Our multiple collection prices mean you get an even better deal.


It all adds up to the F M Caine difference.

To sign up for your FREE Online Account and Online Stock History just click here. Or call us on 01547 528654.