All types of Fallen Stock collected - We are currently operating under normal conditions, please contact us to arrange collection of any fallen stock.

Experts in Fallen Stock Collection and Disposal

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Approved by DEFRA
Approved collector of NFSCo
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Articulated Lorry Collection and Disposal

We supply a variety of industrial size bins. They range in size from 240l, 500l, 660l, 770l, and 820l. If you decide to use us for your collections, we will discuss your needs and supply you with the appropriate sized bins for your site and needs.
Collections will be made by one of our three specially designed, sealed, bulk trailers on an articulated lorry. They have been modified to include a bin lifter and a washer.
Our trained operatives will attend the site and empty your bins at an agreed location. We will follow your site protocols. The driver will take the bin to the lifter and use the hydraulic arm to tip the bin contents into the bulk trailer. This is to minimise contact with the hazardous materials.

Poultry, pigs and biproduct
This service is most suited to poultry and pig collections. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs. If you would like to discuss a tailored arrangement please ring 01547 528654 and we can help you out. You can book collections using our online booking service or by calling us.

Emergency collections
Unfortunately, some sites occasionally experience unexpected high mortality events. On these occassions, simply contact us on 01547 528654 and we will arrange to attend the site within 4 hours to assist you in disposal of the fallen stock, so you can clear the site as quickly as possible. This will aid you in lowering contamination risks and also restocking as soon as you can. If it is outside our office hours, call us on 01547 528654 and select option '2' to access an on-call member of staff.

We have trained ADR specialists available for situations where you need operators trained in advanced biohazard controls to handle high risk materials.