All types of Fallen Stock collected - We are currently operating under normal conditions, please contact us to arrange collection of any fallen stock.

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01547 528654

Approved by DEFRA
Approved collector of NFSCo
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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Do you operate an emergency service?

If you have an animal that is in distress, it can be very worrying and understandably, you want to end their distress as soon as possible. If it is during office hours, please let us know the situation and we will prioritise your collection so that we can get to you as soon as possible. Outside of office hours, ring us on 01547 528654 and you can select '2' to be put through to an on-call member of staff.  (If it is not an emergency and you would like to leave a collection booking on our answer phone service, please press '1'.)

You can find about more about how we can help you on our Services page, or to register for your FREE Online Account and our Online Stock History service.

What happens to the stock that you collect?

When we collect fallen stock, we bring it back to our processing site in Knighton. We take samples from animals where we are legally required to. We process the animals by removing hides and in some cases, we butcher meat to be used in feeding Big Cats and other carniverous animals. Any remaining materials are transferred to our partner companies, Waddingtons and J. G. Pears, where they are processed further into products used in other industries.